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    The link in:

    Automatic Exchange of Information is an initiative led by OECD, whereby jurisdictions
    is not working; i suspect it should be –

    You might want to install a linkchecker plugin to check the internal links, i have seen more…



    Thanks! I have fixed that link now.

    Know any good link checkers?



    Hi @streber
    I use Broken Link Checker
    >Unfortunately any link checker can put a lot of strain on your WordPress database and slow down your site, all depending on your server setup. (256mb+ memory should do, I have had no problems) That’s why you should use it and turn it off/de-install it afterwards. And do not use it at prime time!

    But starting about plugins; yoast for seo is a must; and Wordfence is a nice basis for better security.
    I am also a fan of bullet proof security; a .htaccess security solution.
    These can be combined but do require some knowledge/time to learn what they do.
    This should keep you busy for a day or so. 😉

    Again if I can help let me know. (not promoting any plugin/my own services!)
    Gladly would help you with this; this is my expertise; just let me know!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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