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    I may want to do business with a company that is headquarter is in one of EEA countries in Europe, but has an office in UAE/or-Qatar and its registered as a branch as a company in the UAE/or-Qatar . Do If I do business with them, do my income from them will be considered as an income form EEA country n Europe or from UAE/or-Qatar ? As depends on my residency on the each year, my tx will be different in the income considered foreign or local. Also its an online business and I don’t use any facilities in UAE/or-Qatar actually. I only work on laptop remotely.

    do you know how to reduce my tx to 0 ?



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    Hiii @game, I didn’t received your reply. ?!??



    In my experience the best way to get a good answer in this forum is to state:
    *your current personal tax residency?
    *what online business activity will the company conduct ?
    *will the company need VAT, employees, …?
    *will u send the invoice the customer at EEA headquarter or UAE/-Qatar branch?


    Hiya @game,

    Thnx for reply. I really like to give out my details, but also I make myself vulnerable to gov-dogs/tx-man/popo,… As they read my activities here as well, and they can trap me in this or other forums, by tracing my online activities, creating puzzle of me, and placing pazzle parts together, then tx-man knows where to put his/her finger for investigation, to gathering remaining tx from me, where should began?

    I’m doing few business and asking questions here, in one case I’m doin business for a friend as she doing it by my name.

    My tx residency: I’m looking to be tx resident no-where or be non-domicile in EEA. But unfortunately I may be tx resident in a EEA country. (I don’t want to say country name as if my country tx-man is in this forum, he/she can’t put finger on my case).

    One of online business that I’m looking to do offshore, is involve in buying and selling online.

    Company doesn’t need VAT, nor employee (unless there is Nominees director/shareholder/trust/foundation in structure ) I’m the only lady on behind the business.

    I don’t send invoice personally. The place that I buy or sell the staff is selectable. I can do it in EEA as it’s more secure. Doing it in UAE and Qatar, need to prove them I’ve residency in the UAE or Qatar. Otherwise I should do business in EEA branch.

    I’m looking for setuping an business in structure that I reach 0 tx. Even as individuals trading in 0 tx countries or company with structure that can lead me to 0 tx goal.




    This is my solution. There are many more.
    It could be optimized if one would know your tax-residency, but here we go.

    You need a holding + an IBC.
    You cant hold the IBC personally, because your government in the EEA has CFC rules, i guess.

    The holding has to be either a EEA company or a foundation.
    The IBC can be chosen at your wish.

    The EEA holding needs nominee directors and a tax certificate. Then you are probably save from your local government, depending in which EEA country you are.

    The EEA jurisdiction for the holding must not have CFC rules.

    In short. This will be enough:
    1 Form a holding in Cyprus
    Use nominee director to get tax residency certificate. You will be the 100% shareholder of the holding.
    2 Form IBC. Holding company is 100% shareholder of your IBC. You can be the director of the IBC.

    If you want more privacy. Substitute the holding with a private foundation in the Seychelles, Nevis, IOM, Jersey, …..
    I think a foundation is too much for the first step.

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    Additionally, the more knowledge you get them more sound decisions you can make.
    Strebers’ articles are a great resource.


    Hiii @game,

    I remember you mentioned that streber has articles about UAE and Qatar(I don’t remember under which post, but I remember you mentioned before), as I couldn’t find that articles, are you able to advise me how to you access that articles about that two jurisdictions? I go by ‘jurisdiction spotlight’ and I couldn’t find this articles? Also I’m browsing website in Mobile view, maybe that options doesn’t come up for me for these jurisdictions. Are you able to double check these and if possible send me link of them?



    Hiii @game,

    Is the IBC location depends on my text residency location? I mean e.g. assume someone is tx resident in UK, she should not select BVI, Bleize, Cayman islands(British colonies) for IBC, and she should think about Marshal Islands as it’s American?
    And if someone is American, instead of Marshal Islands,she should consider BVI, Bleize, Cayman islands for IBC?

    I’m thinking about fundation instead of having a holding in EEA, for more privacy. Because I know that tx-man is animal, so I should secure myself as much as possible. Which countries do you suggest for fundation to be most secure in the world?

    Also how much this can cost for me?
    I heard IBC in bleize is less than £500 and in Marshall Islands is a bit higher ~£6xx. And what about fundation council price? Shall it be entity or three individual (president, secretary, treasurer) and am I have another rule other than protector? As I think the three individual in the fundation council are listed on public records (based on where do you set your fundation council).

    How to limit the fundation council by protector and letter of wishes? How shall I write my own term and condition (or add them to their ones) and how to write an most secure letter of wishes and protector statement? To protect me against fundation council resigning me from director position and accesessing my hard earned bank money?

    How can I get some money(£3000~£5000 or $5000 to $8000 pocket money) bi-monthly from offshore income by cash or by any other way, but don’t bring it in my onshore or offshore personal bank accounts(as if I do this, the AEOI,… They can find me and the tx-man can tx me, as money will brought to personal bank account, will consider as income, unless you are able to show that is not income)?

    And what about streber, does this website offering any service? I mean does they offer any offshore setuping service?


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