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    Which one is more private and which one is cheaper and which one is easy to open a bank account?

    IBC + trust as director
    IBC + Nominees as director

    Any other formulas that can help my tax avoidance?




    In my experience the best way to get a good answer in this forum is to state:
    *your current personal tax residency?
    *what business activity will the company conduct?
    *will the company need VAT, employees, …?


    Hiii @game,

    I’ve answered to previous question you asked in this forum. May please read from there?

    Is these possibility to answer without giving out my country of tx residency in EEA? I’m so scared to trapped by tx-man here, if I give my tx residency country. Hmmm?

    Business activities/model is buying selling online. Don’t need VAT or sending invoices.

    Company doesn’t need employee, unless nominees/trust/foundation is in the structure, so if there is, I should pay for the hiring nominees/trust/foundation only. Otherwise this business can done by only me.

    I’m looking to reach 0 tx.

    How can I reach 0 tx as individual and/or company or both?




    look at topic “How foreign income will be defined in tx?”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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