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    Creating this thread mostly to highlight the news from The Gambian government that the whole alleged “offshore sector” in The Gambia is a sham.

    Link to press release: http://moj.gov.gm/ministry-of-justice-press-release-companies

    Link to article (heavily revised!): https://www.streber.st/2016/05/jurisdiction-spotlight-the-gambia/

    ministry of justice press release companies

    The General Public is hereby informed that the Government of The Gambia has not authorized any Institution or person to carry out any function relating to the Registration of businesses or Companies either nationally or oversees. The only legally authorized body responsible to do so is the Registrar of Companies within the Ministry of Justice of The Gambia.

    The website http://www.icommerceregistry.com/ and its officials do not represent or act on behalf of the Government of The Gambia and all representation made therein are false.

    Members of the public should also note that the following Companies, institutions or Decrees are not in any way affiliated with, established by or represent The Government of the Gambia:

    1. icommerce registry
    2. Global Enterprise Decree 2013.
    3. Infini Africa Group,
    4. Enterprise Zone.

    Any licenses, permits, authorizations or documents of any form obtained from the ICOMMERCE REGISTRY, its agents or affiliates and purporting to be validly issued by or on behalf of the Government of The Gambia is fraudulent, null and void.

    The Government of The Gambia advises any person who has been in contact with or have benefited from the services of these entities should report the matter promptly to their relevant Interpol Branch or to the Companies Division (Single Window Business Registry) or Central Bank of The Gambia.

    The Government of The Gambia accepts no responsibility for the actions and conduct of the sponsors, owners and affiliates of these entities.

    The Ministry of Justice

    The Gambia

    August 2016 Read more about

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