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    Anyone have any thoughts on Monero?



    Works well, have used it & held it for awhile. One of the older altcoins and has been around for several years, not a fly by night. Several of the original guys involved are coders & community members who were early bitcoin adopters. The ring signatures have been reviewed by some big names and seem legit tech wise. It uses a completely different code base (cryptonote) than bitcoin and this is why wallets are not as common for monero like Bitcoin & other coins. No hardware wallets yet, 1 web wallet and a beta gui.

    Also cryptonote code base came out of nowhere back then and was questioned but audited too.



    It works but it’s a very small market and you’re lucky if you find someone willing to pay using Monero. It’s still at early stage and there’s not a single user friendly wallet available yet.



    This is relevant, so I’ll post it here, as well as under “Articles of Interest”.

    Is This Bitcoin’s Fatal Flaw?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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