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Banking Secrecy

Oh this coveted topic. So misunderstood. So misrepresented. Yes, banking secrecy still exists. No, it’s never going to go away. What is banking secrecy? Banking secrecy is by no means a Swiss invention, although the Swiss are no doubt the most famous. The banking system is based on trust;trust that…

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Offshore service providers in review – Part III – Kaizen

The time has finally come for another offshore service provider (OSP) review. I have previously reviewed SFM Offshore and Marcaria. Today I will be focusing on Kaizen. Website: Products Kaizen is a Hong Kong based company. While their specialty is Hong Kong incorporation, they offer a number of other…

Jurisdiction spotlight: The Sultanate of Brunei

History Located on the north side of the island of Borneo, the Sultanate of Brunei traces its roots as far back as the 7th century, although the name Brunei (then Berune) does not appear in literature until the 1300s when Chinese settlers arrived. Prior to this, Brunei may have been…

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